Quick beauty tips…

Noxema and Neutrogena oil free makeup remover for moisturizer:

Take a half dolor size of Classic Clean Noxema and pat it on your face in a circular motion to your neck and chest. Let dry like a mask. The remaining that is left over you can apply to your hands and arms. Once the Noxema has dried, apply about a nickel to a quarter size of your Neutrogena oil free make up remover and rub it over the parts the Noxema was applied to. You do not need to apply any other creams. You can simply apply your makeup afterwards, but you can use creams over those areas such as your Clinique or your Landcome cream if you wish to do so. This will keep your skin young looking, subtle, and moisturized throughout the day without crevices hiding in your wrinkles. You should also drink 3.7 liters of fluids a day reducing soda intake so this method will work effectively.

Body scrub for dishpan hands:

Any body scrub will do that is oil based. No instructions needed. Just replace it like a soap or a hand wash every time you wash your hands. You can add a half of bottle of bacterial disinfectant hand wash to the hand scrub. This will keep your hands smooth and subtle and add sheen all day as long as you replace it for soap.

For those mothers out there who get woken up mid sleep with their children's’ growing pains. Use is for 2–16 year olds’ who experience growing leg pains:

Tie a long sock around the leg for your child’s growing leg pain. You can use three socks at a time depending on where the pain is for your child (for instance if they have three separate areas of pain). Never use three socks to one painful area, always careful not to cut off the circulation. Leg pain can happen in more than one area of the leg. Never tie three socks on one area, and never make it too tight to cut off circulation. Always make sure the child can adjust the sock to loosen or tighten the sock on the leg pain area. All it takes is one sock per pain area. Most children, but not all, have growing pains in separate areas at once so use them separately, and NEVER to tight to cut off their circulation. This will save you hours of sleepless nights. P.S. Patent pending.


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